Countdown to Ticks! June 04 2014

With tick season upon us, we at Bug Baffler want our consumers to be aware of the dangers ticks present! 

9. Ticks crawl. They do not fly, hop, or jump. When you find them in your hair or around your neck, they most likely crawled all the way from your feet! Gross! Bug Baffler pants and ankle guards can protect against those crawlers. 

8. Ticks have eight legs, similar to spiders. 

7. Blood is what keeps ticks alive. They feed off of hosts because without blood, they would not survive. 

6. Other names for ticks are; dog tick, deer tick, and African tick. They can also come in all different sizes from about a millimeter in width to almost a centimeter. 

5. Check dogs and family pets for the sign of ticks. They can bring them into the house! Some pesticides can be used to prevent ticks on dogs and other animals. You can talk to your veterinarian to protect your animals or get your dog a Bug Baffler suit! Dog suits are available in a range of sizes. 

4. Diseases such as Lyme disease can be acquired from ticks. Make sure to check for symptoms such as a rash after getting a tick bite. 

3. It is best to remove ticks with tweezers. When about to remove a tick, try to pull straight out of the skin instead of twisting and turning. 

2. Remove excess leaves and brush from your yard to protect your animals and children. The less leaves and tall grass, the less chance of ticks. 

1. A great way to protect your loved ones and yourself from ticks is to get a Bug Baffler suit! There are sizes for everyone and with a range of accessories including the Event Poncho, headnet, and ankle guards, there's something for everyone! 

Get your Bug Baffler today and say goodbye to ticks!