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Our Story

In 1988, during one of the buggiest Springs on record the first BugBaffler® shirt was created providing an effective deterrent to bug bites that didn't involve insect repellants. Since then, we’ve expanded our BugBaffler® line to include pants, ankle guards, and pet products, as well as specialty items such as tent screens and hammock covers.

From day one, we’ve been designing and manufacturing all our products in our own factory, in New Hampshire and can proudly say that every item is 100% made in America. Over the past few years, we’ve been expanding our product lines to include UV protection apparel, extended sizes for children and adults, and more varied pet protection items. We are committed to quality craftsmanship, affordable prices and customer satisfaction.

If you enjoy gardening, hiking, camping—virtually any outdoor activity—protect yourself with our BugBaffler® insect protection clothing. Manufactured and shipped from New Hampshire.

Your BugBaffler Team