Some of our customer comments - 2010

Thank you very much; have used your Bug Bafflers for years on coast of Maine: they are great!! ED

I’ve already bought 4 as gifts. Can’t live without it in a Maine spring. GS

I’ve owned Bug Bafflers for 12 years at least…… easy to see through. BH

Am sooooooooo grateful. I’ve been avoiding the garden, ticks, blackflies- I live way back in the woods and they were carrying me off!! AB

Thanks for a great product. I’m a happier person because of my Bug Baffler. HB

It was extremely satisfying to see my 4 year old outside; black flies swarming around her, yet, to quote my hubby, “they cannot touch her.” And Oh, a pleasure working in the yard earlier. The Bug Baffler rocks. Thanks. YM

My mom and dad gave us their two Bug Baffler shirts and we love them. However, they miss them badly so I’m now buying them two to replace what they gave us. Thanks for a great product! KG

I have a Baffler shirt which I have worn for many years. When we have guest they invariably want to know how to get one. Now I will have one to share. KB

Borrowed one from my mother-in-law…could not believe I enjoyed being outside in the height of black fly season. MK

Already have Bug Bafflers and need more ES

I own a shirt and everyone wants one so I’m buying for gifts MF

Thanks—we are getting some for friends we are traveling with. CB

A friend in MI who says it is absolutely great NVC

I ordered from you before. You guys are GREAT. CS

My neighbor has one and I envy her as we garden together!! KR

Saw MO beekeepers using your products. MW

Fellow angler informed me of your products RK

Bought one years ago, love it, this is a gift for my mother who loves to garden. KW

I saw a fellow wearing one at a field seminar while I was getting devoured by black flies. LL

We have a couple already and are ordering more for our son’s family. KB

We have the bug baffler. My son outgrew the childs size and now need a bigger one! SL

I’m a previous customer, love your products! KG

A requirement for our child-care provider! DT

Wife loves shirt. WR

Please send as soon as possible, the buggers are really bad this year!!!! MT

A woman I buy plants from wears one and loves it. Our black flies are wicked this year! SB

Bought 2 shirts with head covering and love them, need one more. DW

I have one, it’s awesome.

Purchased one before. Everyone fights over it. CA

I already have one. Have the daughter of a friend helping me in the garden and now I need two. They’re great! CP

I have used your products since around 1989. Thanks for a wonderful product! MC

I have had my Bug Baffler shirt for 19 years and it is still in great shape. Gardening is my passion so I wear the suit whenever I am in my garden. When the mosquitoes are really bad, I wear it when I shop at nurseries or any other time I am outside. I don’t know what I would do without this suit. MS

I love this shirt!! I am ordering one for my daughter. I could not do my gardening without it. Thanks for a great invention! MB

When we were in NY this past weekend, the BLACK FLIES were absolutely horrific. My husband went out with his bug baffler. We talked with our neighbors who wanted you to know that they are SOOOO thankful for the Bug Bafflers. SB

I ordered the top and it’s wonderful. Now I need to be able to wear shorts without getting chewed up :) JR

Our son has one of your shirts, it is great for farmers moving irrigation pipe. RM

Tried other head nets, but didn’t like them. AS