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Some of our customer comments

My husband and I have 2 Bug Bafflers and they are a gem to handle black flies in the springtime and the mosquitos in the summertime in the Adirondacks! We are buying 2 for our daughter and son-in-law's camping gear. BS
I was horrified last year to discover that my fantastic, much-used BB shirt had disappeared. Not messing around this year. RA
We found you years ago somewhere in Maine before you were on the web! So glad you are still here! NB
Love your net. If I didn't have/use one, I wouldn't be able tp put my garden in in the spring during black fly season. Thanks! LB
I'm impressed with your product. (Bought the full suit) It's comfortable, roomy, not too hot and well made, especially the cuffs. Good job. KS
This one is for my husband. I use mine when I'm plein air painting. It worked especially great in Scotland when the midges (tiny mosquitoes) came out in swarms. JN
I've been wearing Bug Baffler for years and need more for the rest of my family! DH 
Bug Baffler is a lifesaver for fly fishing in Labrador where the black flies are relentless! Thanks. TR
I now use and highly recommend the Bug Baffler outfit. I wear it underneath my coveralls and it works great. WB 
I just wanted to thank you for such speedy service. I can't believe I received my Bug Baffler already! Its a great fit and better than I expected construction. You folks are a life saver...I will spread the word! JO
LOVE your products!! KP
I have enjoyed my Bug Baffler for several years and am now giving this as a gift. MS
We are repeat customers; we live in the woods in northern Minnesota and mostly don't go outside without our Bug Bafflers on! MC
Love it! Have had one for years. CZ
You make GREAT and VERY useful products! IP
Ten years ago, one of my neighbors was doing her yard work in Ketchikan, Alaska and she had a bug baffler shirt on. She was completely at rest with these pesky no-see-ums and white sox flying around. I've been using the bug baffler ever since. Now it's time to check out some other products and replace my shirt. DS 
I received my recent order of a pair of children's bug baffler pants on Friday...I was very surprised and pleased to find a piece of material that I could use to patch up my daughter's old pair of pants that got a few small tears in them. I mentioned the tears in the comments section of my order not to receive anything for it but to let you know that your product had done its job and done it well for the last three years. So, thank you for a wonderful product and some of the best customer service around! LC
This is my second Bug Baffler shirt. The first one lasted many, many years! It's a great product! DRT
I can't wait to adorn my upper body with your Bug Baffler next time we head up to our Home...in WI. JBP
Have an older product that we love - works great, with plenty of freedom for movement - and am ordering this for my 32-year old daughter who loves gardening, hiking, etc. SO
Mine finally wore out - love them! NH
I am a beekeeper. I have the jacket and love it! For summer I want to wear shorts, so I am ordering the pants. KW
My wife bought one several years ago for gardening. I borrowed it for a long day of working outside here in Maine. The black flies are wicked bad this year (May, 2015) and I was very impressed with the performance of the garment. A real game changer! KW
We have been purchasing from you as our son grows. He is allergic to mosquitos, and these have been wonderful. His sister wants one to be like him. So this is our third one. SB
I have been using bug bafflers for many years and love them! I am ordering a new top to replace my existing one that has taken on a musty smell from storing it in the garage over the winter. The extra top and pants are for me to use at our summer house. Love these!!! CK
Found you on the internet. And you are the only company that has made "Made in America" products and you have the very best head net with the under arm straps to hold the net in place. MC
Hi, we ordered and used a bug baffler for our son as an experiment. He is three, loves playing outside, and mosquitoes might as well be the state bird. Unfortunately, mosquito bites on him swell to huge (2" x 1") welts, which deforms his three-year-old arms, legs, and face. They ooze, hurt - it is awful. Even with bug spray, it just takes one bite and the swelling begins. The bug baffler has been great. Freeing. More effective and not toxic....superb protection....our toddler one is in mint condition - a testament to the durability of the product. SB
I just received my Bug Baffler shirt top from a friend. What a wonderful product!! I never knew that it existed. I am so happy to own one and I just wish that I had known about them years ago. We have lots of mosquitoes, gnats, greenheads, and no-seeums on the coast of South Carolina and they are vicious. Thanks for a great and wonderful product!!!! DJ
Hiking friend bought this and was proof for me that it really works. CC
My family has used your products for years - we love them! This set is for my 71 year old mom to use when she works in her flower garden. Her last few bug baffler suits are just plain work out. Thanks for a great product! RP
Saw productin in action -Sanibel, FL, JB
Searching around the net (heehee, pun definitely intended) for Caribbean suitable bee suit... so hot already... found this mentioned in a beekeeper blog. WT
I was really disappointed with Cabelas. Three backorders on all three colors and then I was told to call a store in Kansas that showed it had the product. They lose you win. Cabelas couldn't deliver (backordered) so you got my business. Thanks for coming through. JM
I have used your shirt for years and love it. Now I am ordering one for my husband. We have masses of gnats in NJ. GG
I have had my suit for about 20 years, use it for gardening, kayaking, walking the dog. I probably need to get one for myself as this is for my sister, a landscape designer, for her birthday. When I had been throwing wood around and ripped the leg, I just put duct tape over the tear and I was good to go. Can't remember where I found Bug Baffler but it has been a life saver so I can be outside. PS 
I am picking up the pants because the top has been so great! I haven't been able to go outside for more than 15 minutes in about 4 years due to my insect-magnet status. I can actually be outside now--thank you! IHB 
Received one of these shirts many years ago as a gift and loved it. SH
Found you through a Google search. Made in America -- an added bonus! DP
Found you by searching the web. Hope you can deliver this suit. Since taking chemo I am highly allergic to mosquito bites. Please come save the day so I can go outside and work in my yard again! EH
I'm buying this as a gift. I already own one and can't imagine being without it while walking with the dog through the woods. I've had many people ask me about it. Best ever! Originally found you on the internet! Lucky ME! LC
Internet search - have used a Bug Baffler jacket for over 10 years so knew about your products before I searched. DB
I had an older one and found it to be a great design, so I ordered some for others in my group. JD
I want to thank you for all your help in placing my order, expediting the shipping, and for the high quality of your product. The items were just what I had been looking for and allowed me to partake in activities that would have definitely brought me in contact with pests that I would have rather avoided. It was an unexpected bonus to deal with a company that manufactured it's product in the USA. A special thanks to Kevin for his excellent customer service. JR
A beekeeper gave a presentation at our art meeting today. She had a Bug Baffler shirt she wears while working with bees. LL
I'm replacing a suit that I had loaned to someone who never returned it. I live in the woods/mountains in northern NH. These are a must to have if you want to enjoy the outdoors. CFM
LOVE these [headnets] and I've been looking for them awhile! CD 
Borrowed my friends headnet for a walk through the woods today - worked really well. HS
I am a beekeeper and have used your product for years. You have an awesome product and I have suggested it to many people. Keep up the good work. JS
Looking for a xxl hooded shirt! Thanks for having this size! RV
Bought a "Bug Baffler" for myself years ago -- still find it very useful! This is for my great-grandson, who is abnormally sensitive to mosquito bites. JS
Not sure where I found you but excited about the poncho. Gonna have my wife use it. JM
My wife has used one for years, but it is getting ragged, and she needs a replacement! Great product! RM
Just by change, we found you on the internet. In Bayfield, WI this year, we have had AMPLE moisture and now we have more than ample insects. We needed help to continue to work outside in the yard. Thanks for making a reasonably priced alternative. We can't wait until they come! PL
A site called Honey Bee Suite had a comment about how well your clothing works for beekeeping. CM
I am a repeat customer who has bought your products in the past for myself and as gifts. This is a gift. MP
Looking for me but thrilled to find the dog shirts. SS
Relative has some and they work great. DP
We have had a hooded shirt for years but we have been fighting over who gets to wear it lately, soooo I lost the fight like all husbands do. TT
Found your ad in Yankee Magazine (2011 - yes I've saved it) and ordered a hooded shirt; which I am very happy with. I use your clothing, not so much for bugs, but to prevent flying debris and poison ivy that my lawn tractor kicks up from getting on me and in my eyes. Works great! IMP
Bought my 1st one in Canada 12 years ago (S/M, which is plenty roomy, and I'm 200#) By your weight chart I need a L/XL, and I'm getting a S/M for my wife. Great product. RH
Received a hooded shirt as a gift. I'm buying the set for my husband. MB
I found out about you years ago but I can't find my old hood. Time for a new one and some for friends! PL
A friend had one of these on. We wanted one, too! BT
I already have the shirt and ankle guards and they're great! AB
Saw in seed catalog and googled you and was delighted to discover you had pants also. SCY
Our family is excited to try these out at Green River Lakes, WY over the 4th of July. RF
The no see ums are especially fierce in the evening and early morning, the best time to garden. I don't think I would be able to garden without my Bug Baffler gear. Now I need a smaller version for a grandchild who has severe reactions to bug bites. LW
I just got my headnet---needed something to keep off the gnats when I bike on the trails. It works great! Makes the ride much more enjoyable. LG
I bought the petite shirt which is awesome. I didn't think I would use the hood but I love it. SB
Thank you very much; have used your Bug Bafflers for years on coast of Maine: they are great!! ED
I’ve already bought 4 as gifts. Can’t live without it in a Maine spring. GS
I’ve owned Bug Bafflers for 12 years at least…… easy to see through. BH
Am sooooooooo grateful. I’ve been avoiding the garden, ticks, blackflies- I live way back in the woods and they were carrying me off!! AB
Thanks for a great product. I’m a happier person because of my Bug Baffler. HB
It was extremely satisfying to see my 4 year old outside; black flies swarming around her, yet, to quote my hubby, “they cannot touch her.” And Oh, a pleasure working in the yard earlier. The Bug Baffler rocks. Thanks. YM
My mom and dad gave us their two Bug Baffler shirts and we love them. However, they miss them badly so I’m now buying them two to replace what they gave us. Thanks for a great product! KG
I have a Baffler shirt which I have worn for many years. When we have guest they invariably want to know how to get one. Now I will have one to share. KB
Borrowed one from my mother-in-law…could not believe I enjoyed being outside in the height of black fly season. MK
Already have Bug Bafflers and need more ES
I own a shirt and everyone wants one so I’m buying for gifts MF
Thanks—we are getting some for friends we are traveling with. CB
A friend in MI who says it is absolutely great NVC
I ordered from you before. You guys are GREAT. CS
My neighbor has one and I envy her as we garden together!! KR
Saw MO beekeepers using your products. MW
Fellow angler informed me of your products RK
Bought one years ago, love it, this is a gift for my mother who loves to garden. KW
I saw a fellow wearing one at a field seminar while I was getting devoured by black flies. LL
We have a couple already and are ordering more for our son’s family. KB
We have the bug baffler. My son outgrew the childs size and now need a bigger one! SL
I’m a previous customer, love your products! KG
A requirement for our child-care provider! DT
Wife loves shirt. WR
Please send as soon as possible, the buggers are really bad this year!!!! MT
A woman I buy plants from wears one and loves it. Our black flies are wicked this year! SB
Bought 2 shirts with head covering and love them, need one more. DW
I have one, it’s awesome.
Purchased one before. Everyone fights over it. CA
I already have one. Have the daughter of a friend helping me in the garden and now I need two. They’re great! CP
I have used your products since around 1989. Thanks for a wonderful product! MC
I have had my Bug Baffler shirt for 19 years and it is still in great shape. Gardening is my passion so I wear the suit whenever I am in my garden. When the mosquitoes are really bad, I wear it when I shop at nurseries or any other time I am outside. I don’t know what I would do without this suit. MS
I love this shirt!! I am ordering one for my daughter. I could not do my gardening without it. Thanks for a great invention! MB
When we were in NY this past weekend, the BLACK FLIES were absolutely horrific. My husband went out with his bug baffler. We talked with our neighbors who wanted you to know that they are SOOOO thankful for the Bug Bafflers. SB
I ordered the top and it’s wonderful. Now I need to be able to wear shorts without getting chewed up :) JR
Our son has one of your shirts, it is great for farmers moving irrigation pipe. RM
Tried other head nets, but didn’t like them. AS